• Which types of retirement accounts should I be using?
  • When should I start my Social Security benefits?
  • Will I have enough money to retire?
  • Do I need long-term care insurance?
  • Do I have the right investments in my portfolio?
  • What will happen to my portfolio if the stock market crashes?
  • How do I choose the right health insurance?
  • What is estate planning—and when should I do it?

Most people seek financial advisors for one specific service. You may think you just need some help with saving for retirement, claiming Social Security, or managing your investments. But imagine if, after a few conversations, you could get actionable advice on the best way to reach other milestones, too.

That’s where we come in.

We know you want to know tangible ways we can help YOU retire ready. Well, read on to meet hypothetical couple, and soon-to-be retirees, Mary and Robert to learn more.

Get ready to experience the SurePath difference!

Robert and Mary Foster have lived in Round Rock, Texas for the past 35 years and are well-loved pillars in the community. Mary is a local bank manager. Robert is an engineer who moonlights as a guitar player in a country band.

After Mary’s 62nd birthday, the Fosters decided to start thinking about retirement. They wanted to spend more time with their three grandkids who live an hour away. Traveling the Western U.S. in their RV was high on their list of priorities, as well.

With their ideal retirement in sight, Robert and Mary began looking into their Social Security options. After a few days of searching online, they were more confused than they were before they started! They were looking for a simple answer to what they thought was a simple question: When should they claim Social Security? But between page-long charts and all the fine print, it became clear there was no simple answer.

With their retirement plans on the line, the Fosters didn’t want to make a mistake. So, they scheduled an appointment with our team. The question they brought to the table was:

When should we claim Social Security?

To help the Fosters, our team analyzed 567 different Social Security claiming strategies. We picked the strategy that would best suit their needs and plans.

Curious what that analysis looks like? You can see a sample Social Security Analysis report here.

As Robert and Mary talked with our experts, it turned out their real question was much bigger than figuring out Social Security benefits. What they really wanted to know was:

Will we have enough money to retire the way we want?

After all, even the most perfect Social Security filing strategy isn’t enough! The Fosters are in good health, but they still have to think about their Medicare options. Should they choose traditional Medicare—or Medicare Advantage? What about prescription drug coverage and the infamous Medicare Part D “donut hole”?

Which Medicare plan would be best?

Then Mary asked our team about Long Term Care (LTC) insurance. Alzheimer’s runs in her family, and she's worried about the possibility of getting sick. She has heard about a new kind of a LTC policy that allows spouses to share benefits. How much would that cost? Would it be a good option for them?

“Should we drop our life insurance policy?”

As we talked, Robert pointed out that they hadn’t looked at their life insurance policy in a long time. The Fosters’ family home is paid for, and their kids are grown. Are they wasting money on premiums – or should they keep the policy to cover their final expenses?

And then there were investments.

Robert and Mary each have a work-sponsored 401(k) account and an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Robert wants to stay the course – his investments have been doing just fine, he says. Mary is worried about a stock market tumble and would rather cash out now, while they are ahead. Every time they try to talk about investments, they fight. Could our experts take a look at their portfolios and settle the argument?

While we don’t specialize in marital advice, the information we provided let Robert and Mary look at their assets and strategies in a more objective light. That, in turn, brought about a compromise. No more fights about investments!

We live to help couples and families this way.

They come with one question in mind and leave with an
all-encompassing plan and unexpected peace of mind.